Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working for IDAHO GUIDE SERVICE, INC. for the summer of 2021. We have been in the outfitting business for over 40 years now and we think we are one of the best outfitters in Idaho. You might want to check out our website at idahoguideservice.com to get an idea of the services we offer.

We offer a wide range of river trips on the Snake & Salmon River’s from May through September. We have half day, full day, and deluxe dinner trips & multi-day trips. Rafts trips are available with oar or paddle boats. For the more adventurous we have inflatable kayak trips. These self-bailing open boats are fun and easy, even for the complete novice. Both whitewater and scenic sections are available to satisfy any interest. Float fishing trips are offered. We also have a complete line of rafts and kayaks for rent for those who want a do-it-yourself trip.

We offer guided day hikes, mountain bike tours and scenic motor boat tours with Dutch Oven Catering, although these are a very small part of our business. The clients of these activities are almost always guests who have been on a river trips with us and want something else to do. We customize our day hikes and Mt. bike trips for our guests.

Our two major considerations when choosing staff are finding friendly and competent staff. We are involved in the entertainment business as much as providing safe guided raft trips. While we do have high water in June, the majority of our business come in July and August when the river we float is technically easy, class 3 water. IDAHO GUIDE SERVICE also rents boats to anyone and has had very few problems. After a safe trip, fun is our major objective. We are looking for new staff that are motivated, dependable, and above all willing to provide exceptional customer service. Thus we require a personal interview with every potential staff before we would ever make the offer of employment. Guides need to be available in the Mid may or the first part of June through the last week of August.

Among the characteristics we are looking for in our employees are:

willingness to work long hard hours, as work is seldom a typical workday, be willing to work flexible schedules

be willing to “go out of your way” to provide a superior level of service to our guests and take pride in their work

be a team player, flexible and willing to help on anything anytime

possess a high level of initiative, be a self starter, prompt and responsible

guides that are physically fit and enjoy participating in rigorous physical activity

having the desire to meet and interact with new people daily and not tire of this easily

people who are comfortable living in a communal situation, have respect for the rights and privacy of others and take pride in keeping their living area clean.

While guiding experience is desirable, it is not an absolute requirement for employment. We highly favor those applicants who have quite a bit of personal boating experience, so our need to train is minimal. We generally run our staff training in May or early June. If we do train staff, we expect to be compensated for the our time spent with a fair number of free trips. Guide salary varies with the type of trip guided and the experience of the guide. We open for business in May and have part-time work at that time. Staff can expect to have work almost every day from June 15 until Aug. 20, part time until the end of Aug. IDAHO GUIDE SERVICE does NOT provides staff housing.

To become a licensed boatman in Idaho, a person must have at least the Red Cross standard course and IGS also requires CPR certification. It is very difficult to obtain these locally at the beginning of the boating season, so it must be obtained before coming here. Idaho also requires that each boatman have a given number of training trips on the river they are guiding on. This number varies with the difficulty of the river. On our section of river, only one trip is required for licensing, but we require many more for familiarization.

 Finally, all applicants should know that all the buildings, premises, grounds and vehicles of IGS are no smoking zones. We have a zero tolerance policy on drug-use.

If you are interested in working with Idaho Guide Service, please send your resume emphasizing your boating experience to us.

View our Staffing Manual